Application Deadlines for 2019/2020 Entry






Coventry University

BSc (Hons) Human Biosciences

​Application Closed

Northumbria University BSc (Hons) Environmental Science

Application Closed

BSc (Hons) Food Science and Nutrition

​Application Closed

China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing
BSc Degree Programme in Chinese Medicinal Pharmaceutics
​Application Closed

and Finance

Coventry University BA (Hons) Accountancy

30 November 2019
(For January 2020 intake)

Northumbria University BA (Hons) Finance and Investment Management ​Application Closed

Business and Management

Coventry University BA (Hons) Business Administration

30 November 2019
(For January 2020 Intake)

30 April 2020
(For July 2020 Intake)​

BA (Hons) International Marketing

​Application Closed

Sheffield Hallam University BA (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management

​Application Closed

BA (Hons) Business Management

Application Closed

University of Central Lancashire BA (Hons) Advertising and Marketing Communications

​Application Closed

Northumbria University BA (Hons) Business (with Law)

​Application Closed

BA (Hons) International Business Management

​Application Closed

Childcare, Elderly and Community Services University of Hull BEd (Hons) Education and Early Years Application Closed

Computing and Information Technology

Coventry University BSc (Hons) Computing

​Application Closed

BSc (Hons) Multimedia Computing

​13 December 2019

(for May 2020 Intake)

UWE Bristol
BSc (Hons) Digital Media

​Application Closed

BSc (Hons) Information Technology

​Application Closed


Birmingham City University

Master of Arts in Design Management

13 December 2019

BA (Hons) Fine Art

​Application Closed
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

​Application Closed

BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture

​Application Closed

BA (Hons) Product and Furniture Design

​Application Closed
Coventry University BA (Hons) Media

Application Closed

BSc (Hons) Music Technology

Application Closed

BA (Hons) Graphic Design ​Application Closed
BA (Hons) Illustration and Graphics ​Application Closed
Nottingham Trent University

BA (Hons) Fashion Design

​Application Closed
BA (Hons) International Fashion Business ​Application Closed
Sheffield Hallam University BA (Hons) Jewellery and Metalwork

Application Closed

University for the Creative Arts BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion and Imaging

Application Closed

University of Lincoln

BA (Hons) Architecture

​Application Closed
BA (Hons) Design for Exhibition and Museums ​Application Closed


Coventry University BSc (Hons) Construction Management

​Application Closed

RMIT University Bachelor of Applied Science (Aviation)

Application Closed

Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management) (Honours)

​Application Closed

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Infrastructure) (Honours)

​Application Closed

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) (Honours)

​Application Closed

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) (Honours)

​Application Closed

Solent University BSc (Hons) Marine Operations Management Application
University of Central Lancashire BEng (Hons) Building Services and Sustainable Engineering Application Closed

BSc (Hons) Architectural Studies

Late Application Accepted

BSc (Hons) Building Surveying

​Application Closed

BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying

Application Closed
UWE Bristol BEng (Hons) Building Services Engineering

​Application Closed

BEng (Hons) Electronic and Computer Engineering

​Application Closed

BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology and Design

Application Closed

Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure

Sheffield Hallam University

MSc Sport Business Management

​Application Closed
BSc (Hons) Events and Leisure Management ​Application Closed
BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Business Management ​Application Closed
BSc (Hons) International Tourism Management ​Application Closed
BSc (Hons) Sport Business Management ​Application Closed

BSc (Hons) Sport Coaching

​Application Closed
Northumbria University  BA (Hons) International Hospitality and Tourism Management Application Closed

Note :

Late application may also be considered but subject to the availability of study places.

* Programme name is under review and subject to change.

It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead. Please refer to the corresponding programme page in this website for the registered course number.

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